Return to work support

Fortunately, advances in medical treatments are producing positive results and prolonging lives. In this new era of disease management, the needs of people living with HIV/AIDS has evolved. Many of our clients are returning to the work force after being disabled for months or years. Some are returning by choice. Others are returning to work out of necessity. Many are re-entering the workplace in order to supplement their social security or disability income.

In each of these instances it can be difficult for clients to explain large gaps in their work history without disclosing their HIV status to prospective employers.

Our RETURN TO WORK SUPPORT program is designed to reduce barriers in the very competitive Las Vegas workplace by providing clients seeking employment with the necessary tools to better navigate the job search market while maintaining their right to privacy. 

A designated computer workstation allows clients to conduct online job searches and submit job applications. Volunteer career counselors provide assistance with resume writing and interviewing skills along with direct access to Goodwill of Southern Nevada’s Career Connections and HELP of Southern Nevada’s W.O.R.C. programs. 

Golden Rainbow’s RETURN TO WORK SUPPORT program also assists clients with public transportation to get to job interviews and covers fees for mandatory background checks, Sheriff, health and TAM cards, legal records retrieval and continuing education and extension courses.

We provide direct assistance to clients who land a new job but have an inability to pay for necessary work uniforms, specialty work shoes, basic tools and job-specific supplies.

We also maintain a limited inventory of donated suits, blazers, shoes and professional attire available for those in need.

Individuals seeking these support services should contact their case manager for a referral to Golden Rainbow’s RETURN TO WORK SUPPORT program.

All persons seeking to obtain these services through Golden Rainbow must be pre-screened by a case manager from one of our partner agencies